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16163 Genova - ITALY

About us

Piaggio & Figli Service was founded in 2003 and belongs to an industrial group that has been operating since 1946 in Global Services for the electromechanical sector, in particular medium and high-power rotating electric machines. 

Since its foundation, P&FS has rapidly conquered ever-growing shares of the market, accruing a great deal of experience in the execution and management of projects in this sector, in particular for leading Italian electricity production companies and more generally for the whole Italian industrial sector (paper mills, refineries, steelworks, cement plants, and so on). 

Thanks to the professionalism of its highly qualified staff and to its ongoing commitment to quality improvement, over the last few years P&FS has been developing and consolidating real relationships of trust with its clients. 

Hence, it is safe to say that P&FS is a leading company in the sector of services for rotating electric machines on a national level. 

Alongside the activities carried out in Italy, our international experience has grown over time, as we have been working for some of the most important multinational companies in the sector.

Since 2010, P&FS has expanded its presence and activities on the foreign market, as it was recognized by end clients as a direct interlocutor, not only necessarily as a subcontractor for the main international groups. 

All activities can be carried out either on our premises in Genoa Bolzaneto (a covered area of about 5,000 square meters) or on site. The activities that take place on our premises include repairs, inspections and maintenance of AC and DC motors and generators, as well as the construction of electrical and mechanical components from scratch.

Our workshop is equipped with, among other things, a VPI tank with a maximum diameter of 2.5 meters, a gas oven with automatic temperature control for rotors with a length of up to 6 meters and a 20-ton capacity balancing machine for rotors with a length of up to 5 meters.

In our Test Room we are able to test all types of electric motors. More specifically, our equipment and the tests we can carry out include the following:

  • test bench for short-circuit tests on alternators up to 20 MVA
  • computerized checks up to AC 6000V and DC 4000V
  • tests on bars, stator coils, and rotor coils up to AC 80,000V

With regard to the activities to be carried out on site, our Company has specialized staff with modern equipment who are on call to intervene wherever necessary in Italy and abroad. In this case, the activities consist mainly of maintenance work on electrical machines, a general inspection and the replacement of any damaged components.

In addition, in cases requiring on-site interventions, the Company can offer a specialized "predictive diagnostics" service on all rotating electrical machines, which allows us to assess the state of preservation of the machines without disassembling them. 



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